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Bringing together residents, businesses, and organizations to make San Jacinto a cleaner, safer, more walkable community that is healthy, sustainable, and unique.  Together can we maintain our neighborhood's eclectic and historic beauty!

Bond & Neighborhood Projects: Welcome


Making A Difference

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

BID AWARDED TO: Wright Away Tree Service




PHASE #4 - in progress



Change can be creative

 SJNA members have been out in the neighborhood marking trees for removal in the right of way that are dead or damaging the sidewalk. If you see a yellow mark, this tree will be cut down and the stump ground.  If you are interested in having a tree removed and we haven't been to your area yet, give us a call or send an email.  This project will take place in phases.  Stumps will be ground and removed as they are host to many pesky critters such as ants and roaches. 




The City of Amarillo CDBG fund has allotted $400,000.00 to repair and replace San Jacinto Neighborhood sidewalks.  We will start out providing easier connectivity to San Jacinto Park and towards 6th St.. We are hopeful for continued funding thru various City funds in coming years. 

If you would like a sidewalk sooner than later, check out our  Costshare Partnership with the City of Amarillo and see if you may qualify for any discounts.

We want to provide advocacy and an opportunity to remove financial barriers in replacing damaged sidewalks and possibly add new sidewalks where there are none.

The City of Amarillo has partnered with SJNA to provide a 12 - 18 month payment program to help ease the costs to replace your sidewalk.  Please read the policy info link below, see if you qualify for 50% - 100 % assistance.

Interested residential property owners and renters with damaged or missing sidewalks ( landlord contact info required)  may contact: 

Tyler Tatum


sjna sidewalk stock.jpg


Pictured is at 3rd and Carolina 

the other is located at Belleview and Line Aves.




safety and creative beauty

You will see several new crosswalks in the neighborhood, helping to provide a safer walking experience. Two are colorful just like you see pictured here. we will be receiving 2 more in the Spring - Summer of 2024   We had a contest with San Jacinto Elementary and Margaret Wills Elementary for best designs. 

Bond & Neighborhood Projects: What We Do



E. 6th st. -  connect to Downtown



Providing a well-lit, walkable path in the immediate area of commercial properties where many senior citizens live, offering better connectivity to the Downtown area, multi-modal center, and the Senior Citizens Center.  Providing safer walkability is important and enhances the community overall.

sjna ped lite stock.jpg

** Currently in inventory and mapping process **

street lights to led

going green
bond eligible -

We are working hard with Xcel Energy to inventory all street lights in the San Jacinto neighborhood. Those that are found to be out will be replaced with LED bulbs, courtesy of Xcel Energy. We will be looking at the cost to replace all remaining street lights with LED.  This will provide added safety while traveling through the residential areas of the neighborhood.  You can help us identify these lights that are currently out or are the old soda light by simply looking down your block and shooting us a quick FB message or email.

contact us

led lights sjna.jpg

if you see someone illegal dumping please call 806-378-9452

Bulk trash pick up / illegal dumping

working together to solve neighborhood challenges

 The City of Amarillo has passed a new ordinance to combat the illegal dumping challenges we face, and we support those efforts.  Please call the APD non-emergency number at 806-378-9452 to report illegal dumping.  If you have bulk items, please DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE ALLEY! Place them on your front curb and CALL 806-378-6813.  YOU MUST CALL FOR PICK UP     THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE      YOU MUST CALL

Any questions you may have about curbside pickup, illegal dumping, or to give a shout-out about great service

please contact:

Jennifer Munoz

coa bulk trash pickup.jpg

                       WE HAVE NEW PARK LIGHTING

$84,800.00 of CIP funds budgeted to Parks & Rec have been allocated to upgrade the lighting at san Jacinto park

and they have been busy installing. The poles and lights are up and we are waiting for the electrical to be connected.


Providing safer accessibility

SJNA is working to create a safer, more accessible family experience by working with Parks and Rec. The entire street light system has been replaced by Xcel Energy with LED lights to provide a much-needed safety feature to our park. SJNA is working with Parks & Rec will be working to upgrade all of the sports courts and surrounding inside the Park lighting.  If you notice a light out, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to see that the City places a work order to Xcel. We continue the conversation with Xcel about adding even more lighting where needed. Any questions, ideas, or concerns may be directed to any of the live email addresses below.



sjna park lights stock.jpg
Bond & Neighborhood Projects: Programs


These are the projects we do that encourage property maintenance, good neighbor behavior, and neighborhood hero stories.  All the cool things in the neighborhood.


San Jacinto " Beautiful " Yard of the  Month


Dora Meroney


to participate, or donate

The Historic 6th on Route 66 Assoc. and the SJNA have partnered in a project to recognize our neighbors who take pride in keeping their yards looking nice.  

How the Program Works :

Each month volunteers will select 2 yards that showcase the owners' hard work and dedication to keeping San Jacinto a wonderful neighborhood to live in. There is no cost to participate!  A volunteer will place a sign in the selected yards for 1 month.  When volunteers collect the sign, you will be presented with a certificate.  In December of each year, all the monthly winners will be placed in a drawing for 1 gift basket.  It will be filled with items from every business/ individual that wishes to donate.

  Look for them to be knocking on your door and asking to recognize your neighborhood pride with a sign.    


" This does not mean that there is a lot of money spent, but that people have chosen to take pride in their yards and enjoy doing their share to make their neighborhood a good place to live ".

Janette Kelley


Paint the watertower


Dora Meroney


We have met our goal of $18,000.00 and we appreciate all the donors.  ACV gave $4,000.00, and the City of Amarillo Arts and Beautification Board gave $6,000.00, along with the $8,000.00 in donations from residents, travelers, businesses, and all those that love RT 66. 

We are excited this project will be completed in 2022!

Three non-profit organizations support the painting of Amarillo 66 on our Water Tower, The Historic 6th Street on Route 66 Association, The Old Route 66 Association of Texas, and The San Jacinto Neighborhood Association. To date we have received donations from 5 States (other than Texas, AZ, Iowa, KS, MO, Ohio, ) and 2 countries (Canada & Japan), as well as local Route 66 Business and the Amarillo Mayor! Handle Bar & Grill on Route 66 in Amarillo, TX donated $1,000! A BIG THANKS to Keith Holman owner for all his fundraising efforts!

The painting of the Route 66 Shield on the Water Tower was first raised in 2009 by the Historic 6th on Route 66 Association. With our water tower coming up for repainting in 2021-22, and the newly formed City Neighborhood Plan for San Jacinto being announced (2019) it seemed like a golden opportunity to present the possibility of having a Route 66 Shield painted on our water tower a second time. The Historic 6th on Route 66 Association partnered with the San Jacinto Neighborhood Association (SJNA) and The Old Route 66 Association of Texas on this project in 2020.

Our planned fundraiser $66.00 for Route 66  started the 1st of February, 2021 (and end Oct. 30, 2021) . Each individual or business who donates $66.00 (or more) will receive a "We Participated" certificate to document their contribution to our San Jacinto Neighborhood Route 66 Water Tower Project.


neighborhood hero

Do you know someone in the San Jacinto Neighborhood that makes it safer, cleaner, more pleasant to walk in, is a character the kids love, someone who brightens your day with a smile or a story?  Let us know; we would love to honor their contributions and show them off to the neighborhood. 


Stephanie Madrigal

A perfect way to get to know our neighbors.

Bond & Neighborhood Projects: What We Do
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