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 JULY   2021


The 2016 Proposition 1 that voters passed allocated $654,050.00 to each of 4 neighborhoods under STREETS; it requires that the money be spent on projects in the Right of Way only.  Our primary focus has been to make sure that all aspects of the San Jacinto neighborhood are served, even with the restrictive nature of the bond.

We have succeeded in allocating evenly, and with the non-bond projects we are currently doing, we will impact the entire neighborhood. We will have the momentum to move forward, designing other projects to work with Neighborhood Planning and other City depts for a place in their budgets each year.  The City budget is adopted every September.

While working on bond projects through their completion, we will also begin working on and seeking input on other projects that WE can do through partnerships with individuals, businesses, or the City of Amarillo.  We can dream anything, put it to paper, and let the City of Amarillo Neighborhood Planning help us bring it to life.

RESIDENTS: Sidewalk 50/50 Partnership             $200,000.00      set aside for potential interest.

                      Street Topper Fundraiser Initiative   - Education Scholarships for student and adult residents

                                                                                                                                                This is 32.11% of the Bond Money

BUSINESS: Finish Historic 6th st Ped light LED conversion project      $24,000.00

                     E. 6th st Connect - Downtown Project                                              $175,000.00

                     Street Topper Fundraiser Initiative  -  Façade Grants to business

                                                                                                                                                This is 31.96% of the Bond Money

ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD:  Crosswalks  $14,000.00 currently approved work, 

                                                                      $37,000.00 initially submitted              

                                                                      $50,000.00 set aside

                                                Dead Tree Removal: $12,000.00 currently approved work,

                                                                                     $87,000.00 initially planned

                                                                                     $100,000.00 set aside

                                               San Jacinto Park Pedestrian Lights: $75,000.00

                                               Street Topper Fundraiser Initiative – Pet Initiative

                                                                                                                                                This is 35.93%  of the Bond Money

STREET TOPPER for FUNDRAISER INITIATIVES:  $30,000.00   allocated ( actual should be $10,000.00)

SJNA will introduce our Street Topper Fundraiser at the end of Summer or early Fall.  There will be 3 Initiatives we hope to fund that will help residents educate their way to better circumstances, small businesses will have an opportunity to change their curb appeal, and we can contribute to the stray animal challenge by offering several remedies cost-free or greatly reduced.  We will encourage the residents and businesses to invest in themselves and the revitalization efforts and seek commitments for funding.

TOTAL BOND MONEY USED:  $ 654,000.00                                                                             Balance: $ 50.00

NON-BOND PROJECTS and FUNDRAISERS  (completed, in – motion, and planned)

Hyacinth Bulb Planting

Beautiful Yard of the Month Program

Keep Amarillo Clean – 2x yearly

Paint the Water Tower

Seedling Tree Giveaway

Fitness Block Party

Neighborhood Watch

Art on RT 66 Art Show

Art Poster Project & Show

Crosswalk Art Contest

Tree Trunk Art Project

Parks and Rec have an online survey for citizen feedback on wants, needs, and budget challenges; please go to the City website or Parks and Rec FB page to fill it out. 

We have had “ spin-off “ project ideas that need more input and volunteer efforts, such as:

1.  TREES -  We will explore saving the entire trunk of some of the oldest trees and slice them for anyone who wants to have one.  They can finish them as tables or any other ideas they may have.  It is an opportunity to have a piece of San Jacinto history and SJNA to use any donations for projects that are not bond eligible.

2.   TREES -  Save all the trunks and have them cut down to firewood and bundled for sale, also providing unrestricted funding for SJNA.  This is possibly a work program if any non-profits are interested in facilitating

3.  RESPONSIBLE RENTER CLASS  -  Helping renters in 2nd chance situations to care for properties better.  We would ask legal aid to give a short RENTERS RIGHTS presentation.

4. RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER –  Helping to improve the stray animal challenge, improving the living conditions of pets, which may contribute to easing the restrictive nature of some rental situations.