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I have been a resident of Amarillo since 1997, and I live in a neighborhood bordering Historic San Jacinto Heights.

I am an educator and currently teaching children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties at Margaret Wills Elementary. I also taught Science at Sam Houston Middle School from 1997-2001, which led me to the San Jacinto Neighborhood and all it's beauty...people, shopping, dining, and architecture! Not to mention, Historic Route 66!

I've been traveling through Amarillo to Red River, NM my entire life, and my daddy never stopped and let us stroll 6th Street. I never knew it existed until I met my husband, who grew up here, and he took me to 6th Street back in the mid-90's!

One of my hobbies is searching and collecting antiques, so much so, that I have had an antique booth on 6th Street on-and-off for 20 years. My husband and adult children enjoy dining and shopping 6th Street. When my extended family comes through town, I take them to 6th Street!

However, my true passion is problem solving! Sounds weird, huh? I love figuring out how to make things better, whether...

it's teaching children how to read, write, compute math problems, and conduct science experiments, or...

it's figuring out how to help our neighborhood maintain a cleaner, safer area for their children to grow up in and for our elderly folks to thrive in, or...

it's promoting our unique, funky Route 66 corridor to people actually from around the world bringing more distinction to our Historic San Jacinto Heights.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone!


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Kathryn Traves, President

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